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RMKS/1.  This NAVADMIN is Part I of a two part NAVADMIN announcing the Career 
Navigator Program.  This new program is a change to how we do business in 
enlisted career management putting Sailors at the helm to navigate their 
careers.  The goal of Career Navigator is to help Sailors make informed 
decisions about their personal and professional career opportunities by 
placing the power of Navy career management systems at their fingertips.  This 
NAVADMIN will explain the Career Navigator Program and outline future 
Part two will provide details on the major changes, upgrades, initiatives and 
execution.  Both NAVADMINs should be read in their entirety, considered a one 
source document and kept readily available for use by All Hands.  

2.  Based on Sailor feedback, the entire career management process continuum 
has been reviewed and improved in many areas.  This change affects both active 
component (AC) and reserve component (RC) Sailors, and increases Sailors' 
opportunities across the entire continuum of active and reserve service.  
Under Career Navigator, all enlisted AC and RC career management policies, 
processes and information technology (IT) support systems are being organized 
into one overarching program, including all career events such as reenlisting, 
changing ratings, choosing orders, and transitioning between AC and RC or RC 
to AC.  We have dismantled perform to serve (PTS) and created a reenlistment 
process that is more advantageous for Sailors.  The new process is simpler, 
provides faster responses, and returns reenlistment power back to the 
commanding officer.  Commanding officer input is key to ensuring the right 
Sailors are retained in the Navy.  Sailors will continue to indicate their 
intention to reenlist or separate with the career counselor.  Knowing Sailors' 
intentions is critical to accurately predicting the number of Sailors Navy 
will have in each skill set, rate, and pay grade going forward.  Sailors in 
open reenlistment skill sets as well as eligible E-6 Sailors will be approved 
on their first application, and will receive an automatic confirmation by the 
system in October 2013.  Furthermore, updates are being made to the 
Professional Apprenticeship Career Track (PACT) designation process, new 
processes for Reservists to convert ratings or transition to AC, a new career 
feedback survey in Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS), and 
Sailor online access in the near future.  

3.  Career Navigator Program.  To meet dynamic and emerging mission 
requirements, we need an agile military workforce, able to adapt and retrain 
as necessary.  Remaining in one rating for an entire career is no longer the 
norm for all Sailors.  We need Sailors to know all of their options for rating 
conversions and transitioning between the active and reserve component.  To 
this end, the Career Navigator Program will:
    a.  Allow Sailors to explore and choose available career opportunities 
across the continuum of active and reserve service.  
It encompasses all policies and processes for career events, such as:
        (1) joining the Navy and initial rating choice,
        (2) reclassification during initial skills training (if needed),
        (3) Career Development Boards (CDB),
        (4) PACT designation, 
        (5) reenlistment, 
        (6) converting to a different rating, 
        (7) transition between active and reserve components,
        (8) billet assignments (orders negotiation),
        (9) electronic service record management,
        (10) career opportunity feedback surveys and
        (11) preparing for advancement. 
    b.  Increase the integration of our IT systems and provide self-service 
capability so that Sailors will be able to monitor their own information, 
career opportunities, and applications. 
    c.  Introduce new terminology designed to change how we think, discuss, 
and apply enlisted career management processes in order to promote active 
Sailor involvement in their careers.  This new terminology is meant to be more 
self-explanatory.  Career Waypoints (formerly Fleet RIDE) is the IT system 
that supports key Sailor decisions about their next career choice.  The 
enlisted career management processes in Career Waypoints include:
        (1) reenlistment (formerly PTS),
        (2) reclassification (formerly Production Management Office (PMO)),
        (3) PACT designation (formerly Rating Entry for General Apprentice 
        (4) conversion,
        (5) transition between components.
These system, policy and process terminology changes will take place over the 
next three months.  

4.  Career Viewpoint survey.  By late summer 2013, the Career Viewpoint survey 
will be available in Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) so that 
Sailors can provide direct feedback on their Navy career opportunities at 
major decision points in their career.  Sailor feedback was crucial to 
formulating the changes announced in this NAVADMIN; keep the feedback coming.

5.  Career Waypoint-Sailor Portal.  By the end of CY-13, a Sailor Portal into 
Career Waypoints will provide hands-on career management for individual 
Sailors.  The new portal will include the capability for Sailors to review 
personal career information, track Career Waypoint applications, and explore 
career options by determining available rating conversion opportunities that 
align with their qualifications, personal interests, and aptitude.  The future 
vision is to provide online, "one-stop shop" access for Sailors into all 
enlisted career management IT systems.

6.  Part II of this NAVADMIN will provide greater detail to major changes, 
upgrades and execution in the following areas:
    a.  AC/FTS reenlistment process updates, 
    b.  AC PACT Sailor Rating Designation updates,   
    c.  SELRES Rating Conversion process updates, and
    d.  SELRES RC2AC/FTS augmentation process updates.  

7.  Changes to enlisted career management under the Career Navigator Program 
will be incremental.  This NAVADMIN and Part 2 are the first major updates and 
includes significant changes to reenlistment policy and processes.  Unless 
specifically changed by this NAVADMIN and Part 
II, all other enlisted career management policies remain in effect.   

8.  Points of contact:  For questions concerning these policy updates and new 
Career Navigator Program implementations contact the Navy Personnel Command 
call center at 1(866)U-ASK-NPC, 1(866) 827-5672 or via e-mail at 
cscmailbox(at)  For questions concerning Career Waypoints contact the 
help desk at (901) 874-2102 or via e-mail at 
career_waypoints_help_desk(at)  Additional information can be found 
on the NPC website in the Career Navigator toolbox.

9.  Released by Vice Admiral S. R. Van Buskirk, N1.//


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