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REF/A/NAVADMIN/062/17/141857Z Mar 17//
NARR/REF A is NAVADMIN 062/17 Personal For Commanders, Commanding Officers, 
and Officers in Charge.  REF B is DEPSECDEF Memo on Hazing and Bullying 
Prevention and Response in the Armed Forces.  REF C is Judge Advocate
General Memo on Commander's Options Concerning Conduct on Social Media.


RMKS/1.  The United States Navy is a high-performing combat team that strives 
to be its best, in both competence and character, every day.  We push 
ourselves and our Shipmates to perform at the highest levels of operational 
and warfighting proficiency, and we demonstrate our Core Values of Honor, 
Courage and Commitment in everything we do.  This applies on and off duty, 
and applies in our physical lives and our virtual lives.

2.  Bullying, hazing, harassment, stalking, discrimination, retaliation, 
assault and other types of toxic behavior, on line or anywhere else, 
undermine teamwork and make us less capable - they give advantage to our 
enemies.  In some cases they are also criminal.  How we treat each other 
online is as important as how we relate to one another in person.  The 
internet, with any sense of anonymity it may provide, must not be a haven for 
bad behavior.  Your on-line life is still your life.

3.  I'm sure you've seen the same thing I have:  the very best teams perform 
best across the board.  They have no place for toxic behavior that weakens 
the team - they are laser-focused on continually improving their performance.
The best teams act to discourage and prevent toxic behaviors before they 
happen, recognizing their weakening effect.  Let's be the best.  Encourage 
each other to avoid toxic behaviors in all forms and focus on team 
effectiveness.  If you see these behaviors anywhere, step in - there are no 
bystanders on our team.  Intervene and stop the behavior.  If necessary, 
promptly report toxic behaviors to your chain of command. You can also report 
to Family Support Services, Command Managed Equal Opportunity (CMEO) 
managers, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) administrators, Sexual 
Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention personnel, the Inspector General 
(IG), and NCIS, as applicable. NCIS has encouraged anyone with direct 
knowledge of online misconduct related to the recent reporting or who thinks 
that photos of them have been taken or posted without their consent to 
contact them via text, web or smart phone app. Specific instructions are 
available at: www.ncis.navy.mil/contactus/pages/reportacrime.aspx. Refs (a) 
through (c) provide additional guidance and tools.

4.  The Navy Office of Information (CHINFO) has training references on 
appropriate behavior online that can be found at www.navy.mil/socialmedia.

5.  We are at our best when we intervene and prevent bad behaviors before 
they happen.  This is the sign of a high-performing team.   Be your best.  Be 
expert operators and warfighters.  Be people of integrity, accountability, 
initiative and toughness.  In everything you do live a life of Honor, 
Courage, and Commitment.

6.  Released by ADM J. M. Richardson, Chief of Naval Operations.

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