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RMKS/1.  This NAVADMIN solicits enlisted member applications for enrollment 
in the Naval Postgraduate School's (NPS) 12-month Master of Science in 
Applied Cyber Operations.  This program is one of many efforts to increase 
the Navy's cyber capabilities, while building a professional cyber workforce.  
Selectees will have the opportunity to enhance the learning environment for 
all students through their background with real world network experiences in 
the operational environment.

2.  Selectees will be assigned to Navy-funded education as full-time students 
under permanent change of station orders to Monterey, CA with either a 
September 2015 or March 2016 start.  As full-time students, Sailors will be 
required to carry a full academic load year-round.  Degree requirements 
should be completed in 12 months and will include a capstone project.

3.  This program is only available to active-duty and full-time support 
members in the information systems technician and cryptologic technician 
networks ratings who meet the following criteria:
    a.  Must already possess a Bachelor of Science degree in a relevant 
technical field including, but not limited to, computer science, electrical 
engineering, and information or engineering technology.  The degree must have 
been awarded by an institution of higher learning accredited by a regional 
accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.  To meet 
NPS academic requirements, performance in technical courses, including 
mathematics, must be high.  The Academic Profile Code (APC) for this program 
is 344 (minimum 2.20 GPA, Calculus for Business/Social Sciences with a grade 
of C or better, and one calculus based physics course with a minimum grade of 
C).  Please refer to the NPS academic catalog for specific information on 
calculating the APC.
    b.  Must be an E6 or above eligible for CONUS/shore assignment between 
April and December 2015 for the September 2015 start or between October 2015 
and June 2016 for the March 2016 start.
    c.  Must be eligible to incur a five-year active-duty service obligation 
by reenlistment or extension of enlistment prior to NPS enrollment.  
Selectees will be required to reenlist more than one year earlier if they are 
unable to satisfy the five-year obligated service requirement with an 
aggregate of 48 or fewer months of extensions.  An extension will become 
binding upon enrollment at NPS.  Per reference (a), payment of the selective 
reenlistment bonus is not authorized for selectees who reenlist for the 
purpose of meeting the obligated service requirement.
    d.  Must be within physical fitness assessment (PFA) standards with no 
PFA failures within the last three years.
    e.  Must have no evaluation marks below 3.0 within the last five years.
    f.  Must hold or be eligible for a Top Secret (TS)/Sensitive 
Compartmented Information (SCI) clearance.  Applicants without a current 
TS/SCI clearance are still encouraged to apply, but should work with their 
Special Security Office to initiate the clearance request.  Orders to NPS 
will not be issued until TS/SCI clearance is finalized.
    g.  Must possess a conditional letter of acceptance.  To obtain a 
conditional letter of acceptance, Sailors should apply to NPS at
http://www.nps.edu/academics/admissions/applyonline/applynow.html. Once 
registered, Sailors should select applied cyber operations, curriculum number 
336.  Upon application submission, Sailors must arrange for submission of 
official transcripts to the NPS admissions office from each institution 
attended for all undergraduate and graduate education, as well as all 
Sailor/Marine American Council on Education Registry transcripts or Joint 
Services Transcripts. Sailors who are not conditionally accepted will be 
notified by NPS via e-mail.

4.  Upon selection, member must request (via command career counselor) an in-
rate quota in the Career Waypoints (CWAY) System. Those members not in their 
CWAY window should submit a "special circumstance" application indicating 
reason code of "other" and the career counselor will be prompted to add a 
note indicating selection to the Master of Science in Applied Cyber 
Operations Program. If selected via "special circumstance" application, this 
program does not guarantee awarding of an in-rate CWAY quota and is not
considered part of an individual's performance indicator in the CWAY process.

5.  Prospective applicants should contact their detailers immediately to 
discuss implications for their current assignments. Failure to do so may 
result in the withdrawal of selection.

6.  Applications can be sent via encrypted e-mail to 
william.h.nesbitt(at)navy.mil or mailed to:
    Deputy Chief of Naval Operations
    (Information Dominance/Director of Naval Intelligence) (N2/N6)
    2000 Navy Pentagon
    Washington, DC 20350-2000

7.  Eligible Sailors should forward a written request via their commanding 
officer, using the format below NLT 17 April 2015:
    From:  (Rate, Full Name, Last 4 Digits of SSN)
    To:    Deputy Chief of Naval Operations
           (Information Dominance/Director of Naval Intelligence)
    Via:   Commanding Officer
    Subj:  Application for Enlisted Cyber Master's Degree
           Opportunity at The Naval Postgraduate School
    Ref:   (a) Cite this NAVADMIN
    Encl:  (1) Copies of all undergraduate transcripts
           (2) Certified copies of the last four performance
           (3) Command financial screening for assignment to a high
               cost of living area without barracks or dedicated
               housing for bachelors or geographic bachelors
           (4) Member's single page statement of preparedness and
               to earn a master's degree, and future goals
           (5) Naval postgraduate school (NPS) conditional letter of
    1.  I request selection to earn a Master of Science in Applied Cyber 
Operations for September 2015 (or March 2016) start: I meet all eligibility 
requirements specified in reference (a). Enclosures (1) through (5) are 
submitted to support my request.
    2.  I understand if selected for this opportunity, I shall incur a five-
year active-duty service obligation upon enrollment at NPS. If I fail to 
complete the required service (voluntarily or due to misconduct), I agree to 
reimburse the U.S. for the cost of the graduate education received prorated 
for the obligated time served.
    3.  Upon completion of degree requirements, I understand I will be 
assigned based upon the needs of the Navy.  Priority will be given to cyber 
technical and operational requirements at the National Security Agency, U.S. 
Fleet Cyber Command/TENTH Fleet, Navy Information Operations Command, and 
Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command.
    4.  I can be contacted at (Provide phone, e-mail and mailing address).

8.  Commanding officer's endorsement should address member's preparedness for 
this significant academic opportunity, ability to work independently, 
communication skills, potential for increased responsibilities and any 
special considerations.

9.  Prior application submissions to this program do not disqualify a Sailor 
from applying.  However, applicants who did not receive conditional 
acceptance from NPS and have no additional academic qualifications should not 
apply again as the academic standards have not changed.

10.  Selection results will be disseminated via NAVADMIN.  Due to the highly 
competitive nature of this program, notification of selection via NAVADMIN is 
a binding commitment that selectees must accept or rescind within five 
working days following release of the message.

11.  General information about NPS can be found at www.nps.edu.

12.  Point of contact is LCDR William Nesbitt at (703) 604-6293/DSN 664 or 
via e-mail at william.h.nesbitt(at)navy.mil.

13.  This message will remain in effect until superseded or 30 June 2016, 
whichever occurs first.

14.  Released By Vice Admiral W. F. Moran, N1.//


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