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RMKS/1.  This NAVADMIN announces several updates to Navy uniform policy and 
several Navy uniform initiatives.  Policy updates include Engineering Duty 
Officer (EDO) Qualification Insignia, North American Aerospace Defense 
Command (NORAD) Identification Badge, Navy Working Uniform Type II and III 
(NWU Type II/III) embroidered shoulder patches, Navy Career Counselor 
Identification Badge, Black V-neck Pullover Sweater, and revised occasion for 
wear of the NWU.
Additionally, this NAVADMIN provides updates on several Navy uniform 
initiatives to include:  2017 Navy Boot Study, Submarine Sweater, Navy 
Physical Training Uniform and Dress Shoes.

2.  The following Navy Uniform Policy updates are effective
    a.  EDO Qualification Insignia.  EDOs, 144X, who have completed the 
Engineering Duty Qualification Program in line with NAVSEAINST
5400.55 (Series), NAVSEAINST 3540.4 (Series) or NAVSEAINST 1001.3 (Series), 
to include command responsibilities and qualification standards, are 
authorized to wear the EDO breast insignia.
        (1)  Description.  A gold metal pin with two oak leaf branches facing 
a silver circle centered on a gold fouled anchor inscribed with a silver 
three?bladed propeller, on  gold background overlaid on crossed U.S. Navy 
officer swords, rendered in gold.  The tips of the propeller blades trisect 
the circle and the south facing blade is vertical.
        (2)  Manner of Wear.  The EDO qualification insignia will be 
available in two sizes (normal and miniature).  The normal size insignia will 
be worn on all uniforms except Dinner Dress.  The miniature EDO insignia will 
be worn with miniature medals on Dinner Dress uniforms.  Warfare devices will 
take precedence over the EDO qualification insignia and as such officers who 
are warfare qualified will wear the EDO qualification insignia in the 
secondary position.  If an officer has two warfare qualifications they will 
not wear the EDO qualification insignia.
        (3)  Eligibility.  To qualify as an EDO, an officer must complete the 
engineering duty officer qualification program.
        (4)  Availability.  Commanding officers are authorized to present the 
EDO insignia to qualified officers upon required qualification and 
eligibility certification.  The target date for availability of the insignia 
via the Navy Exchange uniform system is the second quarter of fiscal year 
    b.  North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) Identification 
Badge.  Sailors assigned as staff members to NORAD are authorized to 
optionally wear the NORAD identification badge during the duration of their 
        (1)  Description.  The NORAD identification badge is available in two 
metal badge configurations (regular and miniature) and an embroidered patch.  
The NORAD emblem on the metal badge consists of a blue background, turquoise 
globe surrounded by white/silver wings, and a yellow North American continent 
emblazoned with a northward facing sword.  The words "North American 
Aerospace Defense Command" underlay the emblem.  The Three color scheme 
signifies NORADs defense scope of Air, Sea and Land, representative of a 
unified command.  The regular size badge is 2 1/4 inches in diameter and 
consists of the miniature badge superimposed on a silver sunburst of 33 rays.  
The miniature badge is 1 1/4 inches in diameter and consists of the NORAD 
emblem itself.  The embroidered patch is approximately 4 inches in diameter 
and is of the same design as the emblem itself, and can be worn in full color 
or matching colors of the uniform worn.
        (2)  Manner and Occasion of Wear.  Wear the regular size metal badge 
on Service Dress uniforms.  Wear the miniature size badge on Service 
Uniforms.  The Embroidered patch shall be worn on flight suits only.  The 
NORAD badge may not be worn on formal, dinner dress, working/utility, or 
coverall uniforms.  Women wear the Badge centered 1/4 inch above the left 
pocket or 1/4 inch above authorized ribbons/medals/breast insignia.  Men wear 
the badge on the left pocket centered between the lower point of the pocket 
flap and bottom of the pocket, midway between the sides.  On pockets without 
flaps, center the badge on the left pocket.
    c.  Embroidered Shoulder Patches.  Embroidered Navy certified subdued 
matching NWU Type II and NWU Type III pattern Dont Tread On Me (DTOM) and 
Reverse U.S. Flag (Reverse Flag) patches are authorized for optional non-
tactical wear in garrison at the unit commander discretion.
      (1)  Manner and Occasion of Wear.  Embroidered DTOM and Reverse Flag 
patches may be worn in garrison.  The embroidered DTOM and Reverse Flag 
patches are not authorized for wear during tactical deployment training 
evolutions and tactical operations.  Wear DTOM patches on the left upper arm 
pocket flap.  Wear Reverse Flag patches on the right upper arm pocket flap.
      (2)  Availability.  Navy certified DTOM/Reverse Flag patches will be 
available for purchase via Navy Exchange Uniform Centers and Uniform Call 
Centers beginning February 2018.
    d.  Navy Career Counselor Identification Badge.  Authorized wear of the 
Navy Career Counselor Identification Badge is extended to qualified Full Time 
Support instructors of the 2 week Reserve Career Information Course (R-501-
    e.  Black V-neck Pullover Sweater.  The black V-neck pullover sweater is 
designated as a UNISEX component authorized for wear by male and female 
Sailors.  Manner and occasion for wear remains the same as stated in 
reference (a).  The re-designation of the V-neck sweater provides for an 
immediate availability of a wider range of sizes to accommodate both male and 
female Sailors uniform needs.
    f.  NWU Occasion for Wear.  The policy governing the occasion for wear of 
NWUs as stated in reference (b) is revised as follows:
Wear of the NWU is authorized for commuting and all normal tasks and 
associated short stops (e.g., child care, gas station, off-base shopping, 
banking and dining) before, during and after the workday.
The NWU is not a liberty uniform.  After normal working hours, NWU wear is 
not permitted while conducting official business, when business attire is 
appropriate and participating in social events.
Consumption of alcohol in NWUs off base is not permitted.
Consumption of alcohol in NWUs on base is authorized except where regional 
commanders promulgate otherwise.

3.  Navy Uniform Initiatives Update.
    a.  2017 Navy Boot Study.  The 2017 Navy Boot Study is complete.
Findings and recommendations from the study were reported to Navy leadership 
to support development of a short and long-term solution for an improved 
general purpose safety boot.  Three different commercial safety boot designs 
with improved comfort and durability features were compared and evaluated 
against the current issued general purpose safety boot.  Sailors 
participating in the evaluation included over 300 crew members assigned to 
4) and USS MONTEREY (CG 61).  As a result of feedback received and analysis 
conducted, Navy leadership will implement a short-term solution by modifying 
the currently issued safety boots to immediately improve comfort and 
performance.  The long-term solution will encompasses a new design with 
enhanced comfort, durability, and performance features combined into one 
improved general purpose safety boot compatible with aviation, surface, sub-
surface and ashore environments.  Future NAVADMINs will announce the progress 
and availability of the two safety boot enhancement projects.
    b.  Submarine Sweater.  U.S. Submarine Sailors have worn the submarine 
sweater in various forms since World War I.  Although authorized as 
organizational clothing, the submarine sweater has never been formally 
included in the Navy's Uniform Regulations.
This NAVADMIN authorizes the optional wear of the uniquely identifiable and 
historically significant submarine sweater.  An improved design submarine 
sweater is being developed for afloat and ashore wear and its availability 
will be announced via a future NAVADMIN.  Until an improved design submarine 
sweater is available, the original sweater may be worn ashore when meeting 
the following
        (1) Description.  The submarine sweater is an olive drab or brown, 5-
button, V-neck sweater, made of 100 percent wool or 100 percent acrylic 
        (2) Occasion for Wear.  The submarine sweater is authorized for wear 
by personnel currently serving at Submarine Force commands or personnel 
serving at non-Submarine Force commands who are qualified in submarines.  
Ashore the submarine sweater may be worn optionally and only with Service 
Khaki (E7 and above) and the Navy Service Uniform (E6 and below).
        (3) Manner of Wear.  The submarine sweater will be worn over the 
shirt of the Service Uniform, with the collar of the shirt inside the 
sweater, with a minimum of the lower two buttons fastened, and sleeves fully 
extended but not beyond the lower knuckle of the thumb.  A standard hook and 
loop (Velcro) back, 2 by
4 inch, black leather name tag, will be affixed to the sweater with Velcro 
fasteners to the upper left portion of the sweater for identification 
purposes.  The information on the name tag will be in accordance with 
reference (a), Chapter 5, Section 2.  The sweater will be free of snags, 
holes and piling of the fabric.
    c.  Physical Fitness Uniform.  The Navy Physical Fitness Uniform
(PTU) is being enhanced with an optional running short, and a new color 
scheme and logo for the PTU shirt.  The new design concepts are currently 
under review and will be announced in a future NAVADMIN when a final concept 
is selected.
    d. Dress Shoes.  Upon Sailor feedback regarding Bates "LITE" dress shoe 
heel disintegration, Bates reformulated the chemical composition of sole 
materials to rectify this defect and the Navy Exchange Command purged 
inventory of the affected shoes.  The useful wear life of all shoes per 
Uniform Regulations is 36 months.
Sailors who experience heel or sole failure (blowouts) of their dress shoes, 
or any other mechanical defect that occurs within 36 months of purchase from 
the Navy Exchange Uniform Centers, should return the shoes to the Navy 
Exchange and address the issue with a uniform center associate.

4.  Points of contact:
    a.  For questions regarding the EDO qualification insignia, please 
contact Commander Naval Sea Systems Command point of contact, CAPT Huan T. 
Nguyen at huan.nguyen(at)
    b.  For questions regarding NWU occasion for wear allowances and 
restrictions in your area of assignment, please address all inquiries to your 
chain of command or regional commanders office.
    c.  For questions regarding the submarine sweater initiative please 
contact CDR Mark Estes at mark.estes(at)
    d.  For questions regarding resolution of dress shoe failure, please 
contact Mr. Gregory Determan, Navy Exchange Service Command, at 
    e.  Questions and comments regarding this NAVADMIN should be addressed to 
the Navy Uniform Matters Office, OPNAV N13X:  Mr.
Robert B. Carroll, Head of Navy Uniform Matters, at 
robert.b.carroll(at), LSCM(AW/EXW/SW) Judith P. Nelson- Williams, 
Deputy Head, at judith.nelson(at), LSCS(EXW) Michael L. Harvie, 
Reserve Component Specialist, at michael.harvie(at), and PSC(SW/AW) 
Manuel A. Guiracocha at manuel.guiracocha(at)

5.  Retain this NAVADMIN until policy changes are incorporated in reference 
(a), superseded or canceled, whichever occurs first.

6.  Released by Vice Admiral R. P. Burke, N1.//

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