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RMKS/1.  This NAVADMIN announces the planned fleet introduction of several 
new uniforms, the new designation of the male officer/chief petty officer 
(CPO) combination cover and enlisted white hat, and the expansion of the 
female handbag policy.  The new uniforms addressed in this NAVADMIN include:  
the Alternate Combination Cover (ACC); female officer/CPO Service Dress White 
(officer/CPO SDW) coat; male and female E1E6 Service Dress Blue (E1-E6 SDB) 
and Service Dress White (E1-E6 SDW) uniforms; Navy Fitness Suit and the 
Lightweight Navy Working Uniform Type I (LNWU1).  The uniform components 
identified as mandatory for wear or possession by enlisted Sailors and CPOs 
will be supported by an annual clothing replacement allowance to facilitate 
procurement of each item prior to the mandatory wear date.

2.  ACC.  Effective immediately, the ACC and the male combination cover are 
designated UNISEX covers authorized for wear by female and male officers and 
CPOs.  The ACC is similar in design to the current male combination cover, 
but is smaller with an oval vice round opening to facilitate a more 
comfortable and stable fit on the head when worn.  The ACC and newly 
designated UNISEX cover will replace the current female officer/CPO 
combination cover.  The ACC will be available via Navy Exchange (NEX) uniform 
stores and the uniform call center commencing October 2015.  The mandatory 
possession or wear date of the ACC or newly designated UNISEX combination 
cover for female officers and CPOs is 31 October 2016.

3.  Enlisted white hat.  Effective immediately, the enlisted white hat is 
designated a UNISEX cover.  Commencing April 2016, the enlisted white hat 
will be issued to female recruits at Recruit Training Center (RTC) Great 
Lakes and authorized for wear by all E1-E6 Sailors with jumper style dress 
uniforms.  Future production of the white hat will include male and female 
sizing labels attached inside the cover to aid in determining proper sizing.  
The white hat will fully replace the female enlisted combination cover upon 
the mandatory wear date of the new female SDB uniform on 1 January 2020.
The mandatory wear date of the white hat by female E1-E6 Sailors with SDW 
uniforms is 31 October 2016.  The white hat will be the only authorized head 
gear worn with the new SDB and SDW jumper style dress uniforms.

4.  LNWU1.  Fleet introduction of a lightweight and more comfortable Navy 
Working Uniform Type I (NWU1) will commence April 2016, at NEX uniform stores 
located in Guam and Hawaii, and via the 800 uniform call center for Diego 
Garcia and Singapore.  Fleet-wide availability will be achieved as component 
production and inventory levels allows.  Commencing 1 October 2016, the LNWU1 
will be issued to recruits at RTC Great Lakes as the replacement for the 
current NWU1. The LNWU1 will replace the current NWU1 as size inventories are 
depleted.  Due to the similarity in appearance of the lightweight and the 
current NWU1, a gray-tinted garment label denoting LNWU1 will be attached 
inside the shirt and trouser.  Simultaneous wear of LNWU1 and current NWU1 
components is authorized.

5.  E1-E6 SDB.  The new E1-E6 male and female jumper style SDB uniform will 
be issued to recruits at RTC Great Lakes commencing 1 October 2016.  Wear is 
authorized for all upon availability.  The new jumper will include a side 
zipper for improved ease of wear. The new SDB broad fall trousers will 
include 13 non-functional buttons and a hidden center-front zipper closure to 
facilitate functionality while maintaining the traditional jumper style SDB 
appearance.  The mandatory possession or wear date for females is 1 January 
2020.  Females who choose to wear the new SDB during the optional wear period 
must wear the enlisted white hat as a component of the uniform.  For male 
Sailors, the new SDB will replace the current SDB design as inventory levels 
are exhausted.

6.  E1-E6 SDW.  The new E1-E6 male and female SDW will be issued to recruits 
at RTC Great Lakes commencing 1 October 2017.  The new SDW jumper will have a 
side zipper for ease in wear, navy blue piping and stars on the jumper flap, 
cuffed sleeves with navy blue piping and navy blue button fasteners.  The SDW 
trouser design has not changed.  The mandatory possession or wear date is 31 
October 2021. The white hat is the only authorized head gear that can be worn 
with the jumper-style SDW.

7.  Navy Fitness Suit.  Commencing 1 October 2016, recruits at RTC, Great 
Lakes will be issued the new Navy Fitness Suit.  The new fitness suit is a 
two piece UNISEX garment consisting of jacket and pants made of 100 percent 
nylon, dark blue in color with gold Navy logos and silver reflective piping.  
The fitness suit will be available for fleet procurement via NEX uniform 
stores and the 800 uniform call center in January 2017.  The mandatory 
possession or wear date is 1 January 2020.  The fitness suit jacket and pants 
may be worn together or as individual components while in a liberty status, 
subject to civilian clothing policy of the regional or local command 
authority as applicable.

8.  Officer and CPO Female SDW (choker) coat.  Commencing January 2017, the 
new female officer/CPO SDW coat will be available for fleet procurement via 
NEX uniform stores and the 800 uniform call centers.  The mandatory wear or 
possession date is 1 January 2020. Uniform allowances for female CPOs will be 
adjusted to facilitate procurement of the new SDW coat prior to the mandatory 
wear date. The ACC and newly designated UNISEX combination cover are the only 
head gear authorized for wear with the new SDW coat.

9.  Womens Handbags.  Effective immediately, the criteria for female handbags 
carried and worn while in uniform is as follows:
    a.  Women may wear civilian handbags with or without flaps while in 
uniform.  The handbag must be of plain black, brown, white leather or 
synthetic leather, generally rectangular or square in shape with magnetic or 
zipper closure.  The color of the handbag will match the color of the shoes 
worn.  Dimensions must be between 5 1/2 to 16 inches in width, 5 1/2 to 14 
inches in height, and 2 to 6 inches in depth.  The handbag may have one 
visible manufacturer's logo that does not exceed 2 inches in height by 2 
inches in depth.
Exotic materials such as eel, alligator, or ostrich skin are not authorized.  
The handbag may not have any visible ornamentation, decorative stitching or 
embossed designs (excluding authorized logo mentioned above).  The closure 
hardware will be black, silver or gold-colored (no over-sized buckles or 
string ties are allowed). The strap (single or double) will be of the same 
material as the handbag and may have a silver-colored, gold-colored or black-
colored buckle.  Handbags may be procured from commercial sources, provided 
the above criteria are followed.
    b.  Handbags meeting the description noted in paragraph 9 (a) shall be 
carried over the left shoulder, on the left forearm or in the left hand.  
When carried over the shoulder or on the forearm, place the body of the 
handbag between the natural waist and upper most part of hip.

10.  Questions regarding uniform policy and the uniform policy changes 
reflected in this NAVADMIN should be directed to the Navy Uniform Matters 
Office (OPNAV N131U) via email to Mr. Robert B. Carroll, Head of Navy Uniform 
Matters at robert.b.carroll(at); LSCS (AW/EXW/SW) Judith P. Nelson-
Williams, Deputy Head at judith.nelson(at) or PS1 (SW/AW) Manuel A. 
Guiracocha at manuel.guiracocha(at)  More info will be forthcoming 
on these programs as we approach the implementation date.

11.  This NAVADMIN will remain in effect until superseded or canceled, 
whichever occurs first.  File until reference (a) has been updated to reflect 
the new policy changes.

12.  Released by Vice Admiral W. F. Moran, N1.//

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