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RMKS/1.  This NAVADMIN announces the Chief of Naval Operations approval of 
several major uniform policy changes encompassing the Navy Working Uniform 
Type I and III (NWU Type I and III), Navy outerwear (All Weather Coat, 
Peacoat, Reefer, and the black Cold Weather Parka (CWP)) revised manner of 
wear of the NWU Type II and III, new Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman 
(SWCC) insignias, delayed introduction of the new male E1 E6 Service Dress 
Blue (SDB) uniform, logo change for the Navy Sweat Shirt and Pants, Service
Khaki uniform option for female officers and chief petty officers (CPOs) and 
update on the Improved Flame Resistant Variant (IFRV) Coverall initiative.

2.  NWU Type III.  The NWU Type III will replace the NWU Type I as a uniform 
sea bag requirement for all Sailors.  Transitioning of the NWU Type III into 
the sea bag and phasing out of the NWU Type I will occur in three phases.
    a.  First Phase.  Effective 1 October 2016, Sailors are authorized 
optional wear of the NWU Type III at commanding officer discretion.  Navy 
Exchange (NEX) Uniform and Call Centers will commence NWU Type III sales for 
personal purchase and wear when sufficient component inventory is available.  
Details on NWU Type III personal purchase availability will be promulgated in 
a future NAVADMIN.
    b.  Second Phase.  Commencing 1 October 2017, recruits and new accessions 
will be issued the NWU Type III uniform as the replacement of the NWU Type I 
uniform.  Additionally, the execution of a 24-month incremental regional 
fielding plan will commence with selected fleet concentration areas.  The 
enlisted Clothing Replacement Allowance will be adjusted to facilitate 
procurement or reimbursement of funds required to obtain new sea bag 
requirements over a 24-month period.  In accordance with statute, officers 
must procure new uniform requirements at personal cost.  Initial fielding and 
outfitting will conclude 30 September 2019.
    c.  Third Phase.  Commencing 1 October 2019, the NWU Type III is a 
mandatory sea bag item for wear ashore per current NWU Type I and III 
occasion for wear policies.  Clothing Replacement Allowances for the NWU Type 
III and required components will revert to sustainment rates based on 
determined replacement cycles or wear life.  The NWU Type I uniform and 
matching pattern components will no longer be authorized for wear as a Navy 
    d.  NWU Type III components issued as organizational clothing are the 
property of the Navy.  Sailors issued the NWU Type III components as 
organizational clothing are required to return issued items prior to the 
mandatory wear date of 1 October 2019.  Commands shall continue to provide 
NWU Type III components as organizational clothing for wear in environments 
that result in premature wear or damage of sea bag issued uniform clothing.
    e.  Until further policy guidance is promulgated, the manner of wear of 
the NWU Type III is expanded as follows:  Black boots will be the standard 
boot worn with the NWU Type III in the United States and its territories.  
Desert Tan or Coyote Brown rough-side out/brushless boots are authorized for 
wear by expeditionary forces at the discretion of the unit commanding 
officer.  Any forward deployed force may wear Desert Tan or Coyote Brown 
boots at the discretion of the unit commanding officer.  The following items 
are optional wear items:  NWU Type I black fleece liner, all currently 
authorized black safety footwear and socks worn with the NWU Type I, desert 
tan or coyote brown rough-side out boots at the discretion of the unit 
commanding officer, black one and one-fourth inch wide cotton belt with 
silver clip and buckle for E1-E6 and khaki one and one-fourth inch wide 
cotton belt with gold clip and buckle for officers and chiefs.  Detailed 
information regarding sea bag required quantities of NWU Type III components, 
revised manner of wear and the 24-month fielding plan will be announced via 
future NAVADMIN.

3.  Navy Outerwear.  Commencing 1 October 2018, the black CWP will commence 
its transition as the standard Navy outer wear worn with Service and Service 
Dress Uniforms and issued as a sea bag item for recruits and new accessions.  
The Navy All Weather Coat, Peacoat and Reefer will be optional outerwear 
garments worn with uniforms as authorized per reference (a).  Enlisted fleet 
Sailors will receive an adjustment in their Clothing Monetary Allowances to 
procure the CWP from NEX Uniform and Call Centers by 30 September 2020.
Officers are authorized to procure at any time prior to the mandatory 
possession date.  The CWP will become a mandatory sea bag requirement for all 
Sailors on 1 October 2020.

4.  NWU Type II/III.  Effective immediately, Navy certified subdued matching 
NWU Type II/III pattern Dont Tread On Me (DTOM) and Reverse U.S. Flag 
(Reverse Flag) patches are authorized for wear on the NWU Type II/III.
    a.  Occasion for Wear.  During garrison and non-tactical exercises or 
operations the non-tactical DTOM and Reverse Flag patches may be optionally 
worn at the discretion of the unit commanding officer and at the expense of 
the Sailor.  During tactical deployment exercises and operations a tactical 
DTOM and Reverse Flag patch may be worn at the discretion of the unit 
commander and approval from the Task Force or Joint Task Force Commander.  
Tactical patches will be issued by the command as organizational clothing.
    b.  Manner of Wear.  The non-tactical and tactical DTOM patch shall be 
worn on the left shoulder pocket flap of the NWU Type II/III centered on the 
Velcro pile pad.  The non-tactical and tactical Reverse Flag patch shall be 
worn on the right shoulder pocket flap centered on the Velcro pile pad.

5.  SWCC Insignia.  The current SWCC qualification insignia is being replaced 
with three separate insignias to denote the level of qualification achieved 
individually by SWCC Sailors.  The new insignias are SWCC Basic, SWCC Senior, 
and SWCC Master.  Effective 19 August 2016, SWCC Sailors are authorized to 
wear the new insignia commensurate with their level of qualification.  The 
new insignias will be available via the NEX Uniform Center for individual 
purchase no later than early August 2016.  Force-wide implementation of new
SWCC insignias will occur on 19 August 2016.  The mandatory wear date of the 
large metal and embroidered insignia for all active and reserve SWCC is 1 
October 2016.  Mandatory wear of the new miniature insignia will be upon 
availability after October 2016.
    a.  Description.  SWCC Basic Insignia:  A two and one-half by one and 
one-fourth inch silver matte metal pin showing a background of a cocked 
flintlock pistol, a crossed naval enlisted cutlass, and a MK V Special 
Operations Craft atop a bow wave.  SWCC Senior Insignia:  A two and one-half 
by one and three-eighth inch silver matte metal pin showing a background of 
an anchor, cocked flintlock pistol, a crossed naval enlisted cutlass and a MK 
V Special Operations Craft atop a bow wave.  SWCC Master Insignia:  A two and 
one-half by one and three-eighth inch silver matte metal pin showing a 
background of an anchor with a banner and three gold stars, cocked flintlock 
pistol, a crossed naval enlisted cutlass and a MK V Special Operations Craft 
atop a bow wave.
    b.  Manner of Wear.  The manner of wear of the new insignia is in 
accordance with reference (a).

6.  Male E1- E6 SDB.  The introduction of the re-designed male E1-E6 SDB with 
jumper side zipper and center front trouser zipper is delayed until 1 October 
2017.  Unforeseen construction and inventory challenges have resulted in a 
temporary setback of component availability.  Revising the date to 1 October 
2017 will provide sufficient time to facilitate component availability at 
Recruit Training Command Great Lakes and the fleet throughout fiscal year 

7.  Navy Sweat Shirt and Pant Logo.  The logo on the Navy sweat shirt and 
pant is being replaced with silver reflective lettering NAVY to align with 
the logo on the Physical Training Uniform shirt and shorts.  The new logo 
sweat shirts and pants will be available for purchase September 2016 at NEX 
Uniform Centers located in fleet concentration areas and NEX Uniform and Call 
Centers.  The current designed sweat pants and shirts are authorized for wear 
as long as they are serviceable.

8.  Effective immediately, female officers and CPOs are authorized to 
optionally wear male Service Khaki trousers and female Service Khaki slacks 
without belt and buckle with the khaki overblouse only. The intent of this 
policy change is to provide an option for female officers and CPOs to address 
some of the fit concerns expressed with the current female Service Khaki 
slacks.  Wear of male trousers with the female tuck-in Service Khaki shirt is 
not authorized due to the significant visible difference in the gig-line.  
Redesigned officer/CPO Service Uniform slacks are being developed for wear 
testing.  Wear testing of redesigned slacks is expected to commence during 
FY-17 to be followed by design approval and introduction during FY-18.

9.  IFRV Update.  U.S. Fleet Forces continues its multi-phase wear test of 
flame retardant working uniform components, and recently conducted in-depth 
focus groups with fleet Sailors aimed at refining the design of the IFRV 
coverall.  Additional feedback from the focus groups, subsequently validated 
by a senior level working group, resulted in the preliminary design of a more 
professional looking two-piece utility uniform that may be worn both at sea 
and operational support commands ashore.  Wear tests of the prototype two-
piece variants are expected to occur in 2017.

10.  The Navy Uniform Matters Office (UMO) is in the process of redesigning 
the Navy Uniform Matters website to enhance rapid dissemination and 
information on uniform policy changes as they occur, and post updated uniform 
regulation features and illustrations.  Updates are planned for FY-17.  Fleet 
input and recommendations are welcomed and encouraged.  Provide 
recommendations to Ask The Master Chief via:

11.  Direct questions regarding uniform policy and the uniform policy changes 
reflected in this NAVADMIN to the Navy UMO (OPNAV N131U) via e-mail to Mr. 
Robert B. Carroll, Head of Navy Uniform Matters at 
robert.b.carroll(at)navy.mil; LSCS(AW/EXW/SW) Judith P. Nelson-Williams, 
Deputy Head at judith.nelson(at)navy.mil; PS1(SW/AW) Manuel A. Guiracocha at 

12.  Direct questions regarding the DTOM and Reverse Flag patch 
specifications and authorized procurement sources to the NWU Type II/III 
Program Office, NEX Service Command, Mr. Mark Stephens, Director at 

13.  Direct questions regarding SWCC insignia to Naval Special Warfare Group 
Four Public Affairs Officer MCC(SW/AW) Robert Keilman at 

14.  This NAVADMIN will remain in effect until superseded or cancelled, 
whichever occurs first.  File until reference (a) has been updated to reflect 
the new policy changes.

15.  Released by Vice Admiral R. P. Burke, N1.//


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